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IPv6 EIGRP Topology

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2007 4:59 am    Post subject: IPv6 EIGRP Topology Reply with quote

EIGRP for IPv6

Here is an IPv6 EIGRP Topology over Frame-Relay with an OSPFv3 route redistributed in to EIGRP.

Frame-Relay Cloud
R1 - IP Address ABCD::AC0C:7B01/96 (s1/0)
R2 - IP Address ABCD::AC0C:7B02/96 (s1/0)
R3 - IP Address ABCD::AC0C:7B03/96 (s1/0)

Fast Ethernet
R2 - IP Address BCDE::AC0C:1702/96 (fa1/0)
R3 - IP Address BCDE::AC0C:1703/96 (fa1/0)
R4 - IP Address BCDE::AC0C:1704/96 (fa1/0)

Point-to-Point Serial
R3 - IP Address CDEF::A02:203/96 (s1/1)
R4 - IP Address CDEF::A02:204/96 (s1/1)

R1 - IP Address 1111:1111::/16 (Lo0)
R2 - IP Address 2222:2222::/16 (Lo0)
R3 - IP Address 3333:3333::/16 (Lo0)
R4 - IP Address 4444:4444::/16 (Lo0)
R4 - IP Address 4545:4545::/16 (Lo1)

To use a Full Mesh Frame-Relay you have to map the link-local and interface addresses to the dlci. Only the link-local will have to be broadcast. Link-local addresses may vary from mine.
The command is frame-relay map ipv6 <IP Address> <DLCI>

Do a show ipv6 interface f0/0 to get the Link-Local address for each router connected to the frame-relay cloud.

To enable IPv6 routing type ipv6 unicast-routing followed by ipv6 cef globally

Then type ipv6 router eigrp <process> followed by no shutdown.

The EIGRP process by default, is in a shutdown status. Just like an interface. You will have to type no shutdown in the EIGRP process. This is a common error for those new to IPv6 EIGRP.

EIGRP also has to be enabled at the interface level by typing ipv6 enable followed by ipv6 eigrp <process>

Put R4's Loopback 1 into OSPFv3 area 0, then redistribute it into IPv6 EIGRP.

Ping all Address.

If you want to duplicate this topology you need at least IOS Version 12.4(6)T. Thats when Cisco introduced EIGRP for IPv6.

I have Included my basic Router configs & .net file. You will probably have to adjust them to your topology.
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